Dream Further Than Your Limitations

We accelerate ventures, welcome to the future you could never dream of. With our help and network we strive to create success for our entrepreneurs. If you have big dreams and plans for the future, you have come to the right place.

Ready To Work Your A** Off?

Axture finds you, the talent and places you at one of our big corp clients. Together we also create a venture that will solve a problem within the same or another big corporation, this is your hedge and potentially what will make you very successful.

Your Chance To Finally Succeed!

The Axture model focuses around the entreprenuer, we want to find you early and harness your full potential. It's important for us that you live well and can take care of yourself and your family, our model revolves around creating a perfect environment for our entrepreneurs while building a successful company together.

Our Customers Are Big Corp

Axture can make your dreams come true. Our model works because we have 1000+ customers that are all big corporations. These customers have needs and with our joint companies we serve these big corporations, some even Fortune 500 with over 6000 consultants.

Graduate With Us

Axture can set up a strategy for your business with a goal of getting to the point that many entrepreneurs dream of, the aquisition. Graduate with us and walk earth with new freedom.

about us Axture Model

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The model is a closed ecosystem that just works, everyone is a winner in our model and this kind of model have never existed in the past. The entrepreneur wins by getting private financial stability, network, a relationship with a big corporation and the potential to grow their business in a effective way. The big corps get innovative thinker, go getters, people with drive and ideas and the potential to aquire tech that they need for future growth. Axture gets a margin on the consultancy and a piece of the business giving incentive to open up more doors and more business.

Our model is unique, we are creating a new segment where we make entrepreneurs into consultants while they are running their businesses, this creates for a stable environment for entrepreneurs and gives the entrepreneurs room to breath.

Our customers also wins, they get really talented people and get a relationship who has a IP (Intellectual Property) that they might be able to aquire in a couple of years.

  • 20 entrepreneurs
  • 15 accelerated ventures
  • 332 pitchdecks received
  • 6000 consultants in our network

contact us Call us @ +46 709 900 587

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Axture has it's offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö - Sweden